About Us

We are truly madly in love with our website. madly. deeply. Head over heels with love. Our readers love to hear about weddings and we believe there’s no one “right” approach. We love all weddings, whether you dream of a small, intimate ceremony on a farmhouse, an outdoor camping trip, or a wedding with handmade details in a loft. It’s so much fun to show couples that their wedding is all about them, and it’s okay to go against tradition to create a day they love.

Our mission since the beginning has been to personalize weddings and make them truly about couples. After all, that’s what it is about. Great photography is important to us because that’s what you will remember about the wedding. We have a great GWS Wedding Artist Guide that includes dozens of artists who can help you create your GWS wedding. We started our site by sharing weddings, but now we also feature entertaining, travel and DIY features, as well as fashion and beauty. So there’s something for everyone.

We met while working. We met at work. Not only did we become best friends, we also realized that we made a fantastic team. Jen moved on to a role as Creative director (where she worked for ESPN and Yahoo!). Their friendship soon turned into something more.

Jen began Green Wedding Shoes after a few dating years and the woodland wedding she had in Jason’s hometown, Milwaukee, WI. She wanted to fill the gap in the world of wedding blogs that Jen saw. After 12 years of work (and a lot of dedication), Jen and I are now proud to call Green Wedding Shoes a full-time job.

Our blog posts often contain affiliate links. GWS will receive a commission even though the cost of the product to you is identical. It helps pay for the team, and allows us to continue providing GWS at no cost.