Tying The Knot With Style: Contemporary Wedding Planning Trends

Tying The Knot With Style: Contemporary Wedding Planning Trends

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The modern-day wedding has changed significantly over the last few years. From traditional ceremonies, modern couples are now aiming to create a unique and personal experience with a flair of contemporary style. Here are some of the hottest trends on offer when it comes to taking the plunge.

A Focus on the Food

Gone are the days of a simple sit-down meal. Wedding receptions now feature creative platters, personalised food offerings, and artisanal delights. Couples are choosing to bring their vision of a unique dining experience to life by customising menus with their favourite dishes and regional fare that’s sourced from local suppliers. Guests are also invited to enjoy an array of interactive experiences, such as a dessert bar or a sushi-making station.

Get Creative with Venues

Vintage and rustic-style weddings still remain popular in the planning world. But, contemporary couples are shaking things up by utilising more unorthodox venues. Think: botanical gardens, heritage buildings, and zero-waste warehouses. These venues offer the perfect backdrop to tie the knot with style, allowing couples to truly make the day feel personal.

Unique Decorations

Nowadays, wedding decor and styling encourages couples to put a modern twist on traditional staples. Unconventional seating areas, geometric décor, and practical lighting all help to make the space unique. Bold colour palettes, like jewel tones or mismatch shades, also add another layer of modernity to any wedding. And couples are finding new ways to decorate their receptions, with added extras such as custom signs, chic floral arrangements, and even eco-friendly decorations all making an appearance.

Minimalist Attire

Modern brides can say goodbye to the traditional long, flowing gowns. Contemporary styling has seen an influx of minimalistic, short-length dresses with bold statement veils. Much like the decorations, couples are also embracing mismatched suits and colourful accessories to celebrate their individual style. Guests are also being encouraged to join in with the modernised wardrobe, substituting a dress code for a ‘come-as-you-please’ approach.

As wedding trends continue to evolve, couples now have the opportunity to express their creativity and personal style while tying the knot. By embracing these contemporary trends, couples have the unique chance to create a wedding experience fit for the modern times.