Love In Full Bloom: Floral Inspirations For Your Wedding

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Choosing flowers for your wedding can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re looking to fill the ceremony and reception with an array of colorful blooms, or include smaller touches such as gorgeous boutonnieres and corsages, the goal is to keep the romance alive. Take inspiration from the season in which you’re getting married and take some notes from these floral favorites!

Classic Springtime

Soft pink peonies, garden roses, and luscious greenery are perfect for creating a classic and dainty look. Spring brides get to experience the beauty of bright colors, subtle swipes of pastel, and the freshness of tulips, hydrangea, and the season’s other favorites.

Summer Sun

A more vibrant flavor is ideal for summer weddings. Dazzling in the sunlight of the beautiful summer heat, bright and cheerful colors will make your wedding pop with shades of golden yellows, vibrant oranges, and creamy yellows. Incorporate summer favorites such as sunflowers, dahlias, and with splashes of dragon fruit and fluffy protea for even more impact.

Autumnal Abundance

The fall months bring a richness to weddings, including deep colors, deep greens, and traditional fall flowers. Rich dark reds, burgundies, and purples create an atmosphere of warmth and love. Include rich wildflowers, lilies, roses, eucalyptus, and whatever else you can find to combine into a deep and beautiful palette.

Winter Finery

Still in the spirit of romance and winter, don’t forget about the fantastic choices of white and pastel flowers. Load up on white roses, baby’s breath, lilies, and other seasonal bloomers like the dainty snowflake peony. Add some sparkle with silver or gold accents and crystals for a miraculous winter wonderland.

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life! Make sure your floral arrangement reflects your individual style, supports your theme, and shows off the season in the best way possible. With a little bohemian, a touch of glam, and a mix of classic and modern styles, your dream wedding is sure to be a celebration to remember!