Timeless Traditions: Classic Wedding Inspirations

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For many couples, choosing the perfect wedding is an opportunity to create a memorable, unique experience. But if you’re looking for something with a touch of classic elegance, traditional wedding themes are ideal.

Timeless wedding themes allow couples to look back at the age-old traditions of marriage with a little modern twist. Think candlelit receptions, classic dress codes and beautiful florals. To get your own classic inspiration, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

1. Color Scheme

Your color scheme is a crucial element in any wedding theme. Classic weddings often use a handful of neutrals like whites and ivories to depict elegance, while using pops of colors like red, navy or emerald green for added elegance. Alternatively, you could opt for a classic black and white palette, or a timeless monochromatic look.

2. Wedding Venue

The venue of your wedding plays a major role in setting the tone of your celebration. Grand and elegant ballrooms and cathedrals create a stunning atmosphere for timeless wedding themes. If you’re looking for something more intimate, quaint chapels, old churches and outdoor venues with a view could set the perfect mood.

3. Attire

Classic dressing for wedding guests and wedding parties are always top of mind. For the bridal party, think black tuxes for the men and a variety of knee-length white dresses for the ladies. Walking down the aisle, the bride can be stunning in a simple and classic silhouette—or she can add a bit of flair with a unique look.

4. Florals

A traditional, classic wedding is never complete without beautiful florals. From cascading bouquets to lush floral centerpieces, classic arrangements typically incorporate white roses, lilies and maybe a few sprigs of baby’s breath. To add a bit of contrast, adding pops of color like red or lavender to the mix could be perfect.

5. Entertainment

No classic wedding would be complete without the perfect entertainment. Establishing a live band to play all your favorite love songs from classical to current is sure to set the mood right. A live classical quartet or acoustic guitarist is always a great addition, too.

These are just some of the classic wedding themes and inspirations to keep in mind when planning your special day. After all, turning to tradition can ensure you create a timeless celebration your friends and family won’t soon forget.