Suits And Ties: Groomsmen Attire Trends For Every Wedding Style

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Shopping for groomsmen attire is one of the many tasks on the checklist when it comes to wedding planning. From traditional tuxedos to modern two-piece suits, the options for groom and groomsmen attire are seemingly endless. No matter the chosen wedding style, the wedding party suits and ties should complement each other while fitting the overall theme.

Classic Black Tuxedo

For a timeless and classic look on the big day, there is nothing like the classic black tuxedo. All matching or a blend of black and white and other neutrals create an elegant and cohesive visual effect. A simple black tuxedo can fit almost any wedding style, but can be truly graceful and timeless when combined with the right accent pieces.

Grey and Navy Suits

Alternatively, a less-traditional choice for gromsmen and grooms suits are the always-stylish grey and navy suits. Both of these shades can be integrated into most wedding styles and are easily customizable with different tie and pocket square colors. These suits can also be matched with footware, such as simple black dress shoes or a stylish loafer.

Patterned Looks

For a more modern look, patterned suits and ties are the way to go. Plaid suits, pindot ties, striped shirts, and bow ties can all be utilized to add a little extra color and pizzazz to the wedding look. Patterned suits and ties should be carefully chosen to fit the theme of the wedding and should match the bridal party colors for a cohesive look.

Unique Accent Pieces

No matter the chosen style, there are always unique touches that can be added to the groomsmen attire. Suspender, cufflinks, bowties, and pocket squares can all be used to add a bit of personality and color to the look. For a more sustainably-minded couple, second-hand and thrifted pieces are always a great option!

Whether you are looking for a classic black tuxedo or a stylish grey suit, there are options for groomsmen to look great and match the wedding style on the big day. With unique details and accent pieces, the groomsmen will look dapper and complement the overall look of the bridal party.