Sustainable Style: Eco-Friendly Choices In Wedding Attire

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The wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. That’s why couples want to look their best at their special celebration. However, many couples are now looking for ways to include eco-friendly aspects in their wedding wardrobe. Sustainable style is all about making ethical and conscious decisions, so couples today are now looking for alternatives to traditional fabrics and materials that fit their needs. Here are a few great ideas on how to make a statement with sustainable and eco-friendly wedding attire.

Choose a Vintage Look

Designers often take inspiration from the past when creating sustainable styles. The use of vintage clothing can be a great way to add some extra flair to your wedding wardrobe. Using pre-worn items and upcycling them into something new will help decrease the amount of energy and resources needed for fashion production. Try to find a vintage dress or suit for the wedding day to maintain a more sustainable approach.

Focus on Natural Fabrics

When creating a sustainable style, focus on fabrics like linen, bamboo, and organic cotton. These fabrics are more eco-friendly because they’re derived from natural materials instead of synthetic. Natural fabrics are breathable and comfortable for all-day wear. Additionally, they’re often lighter than synthetic fabrics, meaning you won’t be weighed down or hot on your special day.

Choose Environmentally-Friendly Dyes

When purchasing dyed fabrics for your wedding attire, opt for dyes that are eco-friendly. Look for natural dyes like plant-based or mineral-based dyes. Natural dyes have fewer chemical components compared to synthetic ones, creating a low-impact product. Not only do these dyes produce fewer toxins, but they are also much brighter and better-substantive than traditional dyes.

Trade Synthetic for Handmade

For those who are looking for a unique touch to their wedding attire, handmade pieces can be a great way to add an extra-special touch. Working with artisans helps keep traditional techniques alive, and their one-of-a-kind pieces will be free of petroleum-based synthetic materials. Handmade pieces will ensure that couples have a garment that is made with sustainability in mind. Additionally, handmade wedding attire will keep your special day’s look unique and truly your own.

Opt for Sustainable Accents

Attention to detail can go a long way when it comes to creating a sustainable style. Small touches like eco-friendly accessories, upcycled accent pieces, and even organic makeup choices can make all the difference. These small actions will not only help create a more sustainable look, but will also create a unique and memorable look for the wedding day.


Creating a sustainable style for your wedding day is easier than ever. From opting for vintage pieces to finding eco-friendly fabrics and dyes, there are plenty of ways to make sustainable choices without sacrificing style. Sustainable style is now being embraced by couples who want to make their special day even more unique and memorable, while also helping the environment along the way.