Beyond The Ballgown: Alternative Wedding Dress Inspirations

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While it’s true that we often think of traditional white ball gowns when it comes to wedding dresses, there are definitely other stylish options. Whether you desire a look that’s a bit edgier, modern, or simply out of the ordinary, there are several alternative options you may wish to consider.


For those wanting to choose something that is unique and reflects a more personal style, opting for a non-traditional dress is a great way to make your wedding day truly special and memorable. Here are a few alternative wedding dress inspirations that may just be perfect for you:



Vintage dresses are making a serious comeback in the world of weddings, and that’s a great thing. A vintage wedding dress is the perfect way to add a unique twist to your bridal look. Whether you’re considering antique-style lace, rustic details, fur, feathers, silks, organzas, or something else vintage, there are plenty of unique options in the realm of wedding dress styles.

Rock and Roll


If you’re a bride who loves to dress to the nines, then why not strut down the aisle in an edgy dark wedding dress? Some suggestions include an ebony velvet number with keyhole back, a sexy mesh dress with an undone bodice, or even a stunning black leather and tulle dress for a look that’s totally rock-and-roll.



Lace is a beloved element for wedding dresses, but if you really want to add something special, why not consider going for a colored lace instead of a traditional white? Lively colors like coral and mint are just some of the possible options, and they add a playful element to the wedding.



Bohemian style is definitely a hit for brides, and it’s easy to see why. With this look, you can choose from an array of designs such as deep V-necks, naturalistic elements, ethereal designs, or flowing chiffon for a touch of romance. This style allows you to express your creative side without compromising the dignified beauty of your dress.

At the end of the day, it’s your special day and your dress should be one that reflects your own unique style. Before you decide on the shape, color, or fabric of your dress, make sure to look around and explore all of the different options available.