Bohemian Bliss: Free-Spirited Ideas For Your Big Day

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If you are a free-spirited soul planning your wedding, you’re likely drawn to the idea of an alternate celebration. A bohemian wedding celebration is a fun alternative to the traditional. Not only will it reflect your unique style, it’s sure to be an event that your guests will never forget. Read on to discover our favorite bohemian wedding ideas.

Whimsical Decor

Make your wedding decor come to life with gorgeous floral displays. Bohemian weddings are all about celebrating nature, so source plenty of organic elements such as dried grasses, air plants and wildflowers. To give you a truly whimsical touch, consider adding macrame backdrops, and rattan and willow furniture as a seating option, plus an array of off-beat centerpieces. Don’t forget soft pillows and throws to make your guests extra comfortable.

Flowy Attire

When it comes to wedding fashion, boho brides love to keep it light and airy. Opt for ethereal silhouettes or off-the-shoulder wedding dresses and add floral wreaths or crowns as headpieces. When it comes to the groom’s outfit, opt for linen, natural fibers, and earthy colors. Complete the look with handmade leather sandals and a wildflower boutonniere.

Organic Refreshments

Make sure your guests stay nourished with an array of organic refreshments including homemade veggie burgers, artisanal cheese boards, and mini-mushroom pizzas. Offer an herbal tea station with plenty of fresh petals and herbs, as well as sweet beverages such as hibiscus, iced tea, and jasmine lemonade. For desserts, opt for macarons, lemon tarts or caramelized pears.

Carefree Music

To get your guests in the right carefree spirit, make sure to enlist the services of a live acoustic band to perform soothing covers of folk and jazz songs. You can also lighten up the mood with upbeat pop songs, as well as customized lyric sheets for all of your guests!

Fun Activities

No boho wedding would be complete without a few fun activities. Consider setting up a photo booth with plenty of backdrops, props, and accessories for your guests to snap some truly memorable shots. For extra fun, you can also provide archery equipment or a giant air-filled bouncy castle for the younger guests to enjoy.

By following these free-spirited bohemian wedding ideas, you can make sure your special day is everything you had envisioned and more. Planning your dream celebration has never been easier — here’s to your bohemian bliss!